Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Junior and Tiny Tot Holiday Camp

We celebrated the Holiday Weekend with our Junior and Tiny Tot Holiday Camp... lots of fun after we were off to a cold start Friday morning!

Plan B saw us indoors with the Tiny Tots (ages 4-6) for at least 45 minutes and we played indoor SNAG putting and chipping games, as well as learning about golf terms before coloring a picture of ourselves playing golf on our own golf holes we designed. Outdoors, we played the Rainbow Putting game, Chipping Tunnel game and worked on our 'One-Two Show Our Shoe' big swings. Snack and goody bags at the end, of course!

Older juniors worked on putting, chipping and swing practice and games before playing a cool new game in which each hole was played with various pieces of sporting equipment (badminton racquet, football, Frisbees, etc) and instead of hitting a shot with a club, each person had to play the 'shot' with that piece of equipment and we made our way to the hole, putting in at the last with a putter and ball. Some high and low scoring holes but lots of fun because it helped with course management, forward motion and other athletic skills. A really fun way to learn and expand our golf skills! Snacks, rules jeopardy and goody bags rounded off the afternoon session.

All 25 juniors had a great time and look forward to seeing them again!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Landings Golf Club Instruction Blog

As the new year approaches, so does the start of our Landings Golf Club Instruction blog!

I'll be checking in with interesting observations, thoughts, tips, ideas from myself and the staff that can help you in your golf adventures. It's always interesting how much I learn from my students, the game of golf, and teaching workshops. I hope that by imparting some tidbits of wisdom, you can elevate your enjoyment of the game even more!

For starters, I would encourage you to take the next minute to think about your game in 2010... did it improve, did you enjoy your golf experience overall, are you happy to have golf in your life? What would you change?

The Golf Professional Staff is here to help you with skill development, shot strategy, the mental game, pre-shot routines, course strategy and more. Jot down 2-3 key areas that you think would help with your goals of the game (enjoyment, lower score, better accuracy, more golf, better fitness, etc) and then plot some ideas to help you achieve your goal. Mine will be to improve my putting experience. I haven't had the time I'd like to put into working on my putting--I can always find a project on my desk to do but will make a commitment to enjoy 1 putting drill every day for 5-30 minutes.

So that's my commitment to my putting goal - more solid putts starting on the best line with great speed.

What is yours? Feel free to email any questions you'd like addressed in the Golf Instruction Blog at nicole.weller@landingsclub.com.

Happy Golfing!