Thursday, January 27, 2011

PGA Show Inside Look

Here's a quick "inside look" video from the PGA Show. This video mostly gives you a peek at the show floor but also some wrap-up thoughts on the workshops.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PGA Show -- Day 5

Friday was an incredibly busy day at the PGA Show. All the Landings professionals were busy with various meetings.

I stopped by the PGA business area (a special area for all PGA members to relax, eat, meet, check email and network) to coordinate schedules with Ty after a very interesting video shoot with Golf Digest. They had some of the 2010 'Best Young Teachers' shooting tips for the magazine.

From the time I entered to the time I left, it was roughly 1.5 hours. A make-up artist worked on my hair and make-up and they had various clubs from each teacher's staff for use. I did a series of still poses and then ran through my 2 tips with a total of about 8 re-takes due to noise or movement or wording or completely blanking out on words!

My tips were "How to Fix a Toe Shot" and "How to Fix a Heel Shot". I listened to and met 4 other pros who had gone before me or were going after me. Everyone was so nice and encouraging!

The mid-afternoon saw me at many teaching aid booths (lots of putting and swing aids, new inventions, fitness, video/3-D tech equipment) and Ty and I met Nancy Lopez - she's SO nice! We wrapped up with the US Kids Top 50 Best Teachers. I sat next to Suzy Whaley, who was so funny and down-to-earth.

It was a great week of networking, learning and being involved with the golf industry!

PGA Show -- Day 4

Thursday was the first day of the PGA Merchandise Show. Many other Landings Golf Professionals are on site as well, looking into new products that will work well at The Landings for membership.

My day started out with a very informative LPGA T&CP workshop from 8-12 with Sea Island gurus Mike Shannon and Gale Peterson. I spent the afternoon walking the many isles of the Show and running into colleagues, some members and making new acquaintances.

My interests lie mostly in product for junior golf programs and instructional learning aids but I also toured some attire booths and other product. Many of our pros also looked at range, attire, tournament, range finder, shoe and teaching equipment. There were lots of areas for shoe analysis (Happy Feet) and massage for those tired feet and shoulders!

I also met with a rep from Tagteach, which I'll be using in my teaching. Friday is a busy day and I'll be walking the show for booths I didn't fit in Thursday (Eyeline Golf, Golf Around the World, SNAG...). Also taping some tips for Golf Digest and receiving the US Kids Golf Top 50 Award before heading back to Savannah with Ty for Saturday lessons. I wasn't able to upload my videos and photos to our communications department but will get that footage to them so it can be posted for you to see the experience first-hand! I hope you enjoyed the commentary and thoughts from what goes on during a typical PGA Merchandise Show week!

PGA Show -- Day 3

Wednesday brought the AMF annual meeting with another fantastic presentation by Dr. Rick Jensen on adaptation within the current golf industry.

AMF provided information on new interactive member opportunities for sharing ideas and strategies--the goal is to get information from one who has it to one who needs it within the organization. Sat in on a post-meeting by Tagteach... get ready, this will be coming to the Landings. What a great new way to teach based on behavioral science!

The PGA Demo Day had 91 vendors representing all kinds of new clubs and training aids. First day of the PGA Show tomorrow--some of our Landings Club Professionals are ready to dive in and meet with vendors, attend meetings and see new product. I'll be attending an LPGA workshop, wandering the Show, meeting with Tagteach and wrapping with a dinner. Busy day!

PGA Show -- Day 2


Wow, what a day! While they had to unfortunately cut the afternoon short due to incoming storms with possible tornadoes, we had a great, great day.

Listened to presentations by Michael Breed on putting, Lynn Marriott & Pia Nilsson on coaching, Mike Bender on transfer practice, Jim Estes with amputees Ken Green and Ret. Lance Cpl. Tim Lang, Bobby Clampett, 2010 PGA Teacher of the Year (from Sea Island) Todd Anderson, Dr. Gary Wiren and Bob Toski (who at 84 years old runs, jumps, jigs, hits ball off his knees and has a great sense of showmanship and humor).

Surprise visit by Nick Faldo at the end... he came to hit balls at his facility in shorts and came to check out the group and say hi. Both he and Michael Breed look a lot taller than on tv! Sat next to Suzy Whaley and ran into many Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers including Carol Preisinger, Nancy Quarcelino, Eric Alpenfels, Lynn Marriott, Pia Nilsson and our very own JD Turner! Summit sponsors included Golf Magazine, Golf Pride, Golf Tex, Sky Caddie and Taylor Made.

Off to the AMF annual meeting and massive PGA Demo Day tomorrow... perfect timing. Here comes the rain!

PGA Show -- Day 1


An amazing first day at the 2011 PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit at the Faldo Institute in Orlando. Emcee'd by Michael Breed from the Golf Channel, presentations included Charlie King, Lynn Blake, Derek Shelton (Tampa Bay Rays baseball hitting coach on how baseball players create power... very interesting!), a technology roundtable on video/3D/Ipod/Ipad tablets/Droids and more, a session on Psychology and Emotions in Sports Performance, Aimpoint (VERY cool putting concept sweeping the nation) and a very neat trailer of a new golf movie based on Dr. David Cook's book Seven Days on the Links in Utopia (starring Robert Duval and Lucas Black) to be released in August.

Probably the best and most memorable presentation I've EVER seen was Lou Holtz - incredibly inspiring and heartfelt. Day Two tomorrow but bad storms anticipated so we'll see what the day brings!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Tips From Nicole

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 Chipping  Putting Bunker Shots

Quick Tip with Nicole Weller
The Landings Club is currently providing the tip of the week for Golf America Television. These instructional tips feature The Landings' Head Teaching Professional Nicole Weller and renowned golf instructor JD Turner. "We're excited about the partnership between The Landings Club and Golf America," says Executive Producer Alan Hunter, "both Nicole and JD offer an instructional style that is unique and very easy to digest."
About Golf America Television Show Currently in its 7th year of production, Golf America is a weekly show available in over 65 television markets throughout the US on Fox SportsNet, Sun Sports, SportSouth, TUFF TV and on local broadcast stations around the country.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How Are Your Grips?

It's a great time to check in on your golf equipment--warmer weather will soon be here (please hurry!).

This blog was prompted by my recent observations of golfer's grips on their clubs. I've noticed many that are very slippery and shiny, so time to change those out. If they are worn, that can cause a golfer to squeeze tighter so the club won't fly out of the hands. Pressure is something we definitely don't want in a swing and I'd rather the ball fly farther than the club! Please have the staff at Oakridge check your club grips for a fresh start to the 2011 spring golf season. You may want to have them also check the loft and lie angles on your irons.

Did you know that even 1 or 2 degrees difference in the angle of the club head can make your golf ball go right or left more than you want?

I'm going to inventory my equipment in the next few weeks and see what needs to be replaced, changed or updated, including my rule book and local rule sheet, worn towel and gloves, golf balls and more. I'm encouraging spring with some spring cleaning!

Feel free to email any inquiries to me ( about your equipment or stop in and check with the Golf Professionals.

We trust that our cars will perform well when we accelerate and brake, so the same holds true for the performance of our golf equipment!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Indoor Golf Helps Ward Off Winter Blues

We've had some chilly days in Savannah! While I've been visualizing warm thoughts while on the teaching tee, it brings back memories of practicing and incorporating golf into my life during the cold season. Sometime stuck indoors during the snowy Massachusetts winters, I would do other things for golf indoors since the ground was covered with snow--cabin-fever was definitely evident in the early part of the new year.

For those of you here who love golf but don't enjoy getting out during the very cold weather, here are some ideas to keep your golf going!

(A) Putt indoors on a low, tight carpet or even a flat floor. My Dad and I used to putt in the basement on the concrete to a brick placed the skinny way against the wall about 15 feet away. We could either slam it into the brick or play a very soft touch roll that just touched the brick. We each putted 3 sets of 10 putts every night for 3 months to see how many putts we could hit the brick with that night. We kept track on a spreadsheet (by hand, back in those days, no Excel!) and after 2,000 putts, he had hit 1 more brick than I had throughout the winter. After all those ups and down, it came out pretty even. Lots of fun and nice and warm indoors!

(B) Swing or chip indoors in a safe place. Dad and I used to have enough space to swing indoors and keep the motion going. We used to imagine our shots and actually play the course behind the house (Heritage Hill C.C. was an incredible Executive Course similar to the one at Augusta National... very, very neat!). We even had a carpet off which to chip balls into a net. You can do this with whiffle balls or short-flyte balls that won't cause damage and use a trash can, basket, chipping net, hat, etc. Just little swings and the balls are soft, so no damage. It keeps the swing going and you can really have some fun with point games.

(C) Make a putting course in your home. Make up a little course throughout the house and know the 'teeing area' and the 'hole'. Really the place from where you'll start putting and the end target, like 'Facing the end table and putting to that dining room chair front left leg'. Some of my friends used to have quite the courses in their homes, even putting it down the stairs (cushions set up at the bottom so it didn't hit the wall), around the dogleg (wall) and into the foyer where they had a cup tipped over sideways as the hole.

Be creative, enjoy creating indoor games and keep the game warm over the winter!