Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Benefits of Sunscreen

It's summer and time for some fun in the sun but make sure you are using sunscreen!

I've had many people ask me what type of sunscreen I use since I'm outdoors all day. I use Banana Boat Sport 100. I know after a certain number, like 50, it doesn't make that much difference but I like the thickness of this particular tube of sunscreen. The 30 and 50 are very watery. I've tried others (Coppertone, Neutrogena, etc.) but I am really enjoying this one. I've heard good things about Bull Frog too.

The most important thing is to make sure it has both UVA and UVB blockage. Check with your dermatologist and try to wear sun protective clothing when possible. I wear capris as long as possible and try to get sleeveless shirts that have more of a cap sleeve to cover the top of the shoulder. Nice wide brims, Oakley Half Jacket sunglasses, high collars on the shirt - those are some things that also help.

Check at our golf shops for clothing that has SPF built in. Other companies like Coolibar and Sun Precaution have great long sleeve and other items as well. Be safe in the sun!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Greens

What a great late Spring - such nice golf weather! I've noticed that some of the greens are speeding up and that golfers are challenged with the speed.

A few tips...
  1. Read the grain. This is HUGE in assessing speed. Light color grass will be lightning fast and darker color grass a bit slower. It all depends on where the grass is growing.
  2. Get a feel for the putting green speed before you play by just putting to open spaces on the green (no holes yet) with the sole purpose of getting a feel for fast, medium or slow. Brad Faxon does this, as do I. Once I get a feel for the speed, then I work a bit with putting towards holes.
Visit one of the Golf Professional staff for some tips on distance drills you can work on for your putting. Most golfers miss more long and short than left or right... get the right speed and see your putts and scores drop!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tips for Better Course Play

Tip to playing better on the course: Make sure to keep your practice and warm-up separate before a round.

Practice entails detailed work, changes, observations and specific focus while warm-up involves loosening up the swing, finding the rhythm, warming up the swing key you developed in practice and loosening up your body.

Practicing before a round can make one tired and put too many thoughts in the mind, like cramming for a test! The one question I ask while I warm up is "Does my swing feel loose and balanced" and if not, I keep stretching and swinging until it does or is close. Keep the mind free of too many swing thoughts!