Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Transfer-Oriented Drill

I just had a great experience with a new drill I thought I'd share with golfers... it's a very 'transfer-oriented' drill, which means it helps you practice by doing it in a more realistic play setting, not just hitting balls. 
  1. Take a club and hit 3 shots in a row to your target (I would highly suggest at least a 15 yard wide fairway between two flags or objects).
  2. Take the same club and hit 3 GOOD shots in a row to your target.  Good is up to you.  What is good enough to play... mediocre?  Make them as good as you'd be happy with on the course.
  3. Take 3 different clubs and hit 3 GOOD shots in a row to 3 different targets. 
  4. Take 3 different clubs and hit 3 GOOD shots in a row to 3 different targets for various natural lies (not placed nicely on a tuft of grass... unrealistic!). 
Don't cheat yourself on the rules!  They're designed to make sure you achieve what you want to achieve.  If you give yourself leniency at the range, will that be acceptable on the course?  It's a fun drill that will keep you focused and transferring your skills from just hitting balls to actually playing and expecting good shots at the range!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ready, set, stretch!

I see great potential for better golf by players who actually go through proper stretching methods before ever hitting shots at the range.  It's important to start with some cardio to get the blood flowing into the muscles (ride a stationary bike, walk or jog on a treadmill or outside, do jumping jacks or just step from side to side while swinging your arms).  

Stretching a cold muscle is like taking a rubber band out of the freezer and expecting it to perform at full potential immediately. I foresee injuries! Proceed to dynamically stretching various main body parts (neck, shoulders, forearms, back, legs). Those who stand still and hold stretches (static) may not perform as well as a movement-oriented stretch (dynamic). 

Together with the Oakridge Fitness Center, we've just partnered up to create a complimentary Golf Fitness speech on Thursday, November 10 from 4:15-5:00pm for the first 100 people who sign up at Oakridge. The bonus surprise will be two local mini-tour professionals who will be our guests speakers to discuss what they see on tour and how they prepare as well. Don't miss out on meeting some fine players! 

Participants will also be able to learn why and how to warm-up properly, plus try some of the stretches led by myself and fitness staff (Brigitte and Jennifer).  Hope to see you at the Stretch Speech!