Monday, April 30, 2012

Guess My Favorite Golfer and Win a Prize!

This past weekend I saw some great legends of golf at The Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf Tournament at Savannah Harbor.  I had the opportunity to watch some play Sunday morning and learned quite a lot, as well as watching my favorite golfer... what a swing! 

(The first person to guess who reads this blog and correctly guesses my favorite golfer will have a prize waiting at my office... email me your guess at 

I observed that 90% of a Tour player's shot is chatting with the caddy about the upcoming shot, creating a plan, discussing clubs, discussing options and then the last 10% is just getting ready, aimed, set and GO! 

I observed that while watching a group tee off on #8 (Par 3), 3 out of 4 players can still pull a shot to the left side of the green when the flag was on the right.  Even the pros are off line... golf can be HARD!

I observed that the professionals' golf grips were more of a placement of the hands on the club rather than a grip on the club tight forearms.  All of them swung and moved the club with soft arms.  Their hands were secure (not tight) on the club but their arms were relaxed so they could create some club head SPEED!

I enjoyed chatting with fellow Wake Forest player, Gary Hallberg.  Such a great swing.  I learned that after a round of golf, he definitely needs to stretch out in a post-round routine and visits the Tour fitness trailer where they stretch the players after they finish their work.  Golf can be hard on your body.

I enjoyed the healthiest lunch at a golf event I ever had... hummus, pita chips and fresh veggies. Delicious!

If you haven't seen the event, I recommend going next year and checking it out. You can be so close to some of the best golfers in the world!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Junior Golf Camp Photos

On April 6 and 7, I hosted another set of fun junior golf camps! From teeny tiny tots all the way to juniors we had a great couple days of instruction. Check out these photos from the camp.

I'm Back!

Thank you to all members and staff for their well wishes during my medical leave. Back to light teaching this week and glad to be back! After having surgery and being on hold for golf swings for 4-6 weeks, it's a good reminder to let the body heal appropriately after such trauma. The most dangerous time is coming back is at the first signs of feeling better -- I would advise staying the course just a little longer in order to not risk re-injury. It takes time for stamina and strength to regain itself and the swing will certainly not be where you left off... it will take time to rebuild. 

I remember my senior year at Wake Forest University when I had sat out a tournament due to tendonitis in my left elbow and forearm. I thought it was rested enough to start practicing and ended up sitting out an extra two tournaments because I came back too early.

Take your time, stick to the small swings, use tees to alleviate ground impact and soon you'll be back in the swing of things!