Thursday, July 26, 2012

(Safe) Fun in the Sun

Have fun in the sun but stay safe from its harmful rays.

Many of us are cautious about getting sunburned and apply various sunscreens. In the past few weeks, I've been trying out new sun sleeves and absolutely love them. Until now, all the sleeves I've tried (from three different companies!) have kept falling down but my latest trial has been the best! The company is called Iconic Sport and their lightweight jersey 50SPF can be found be in the Online Store for Women. I love the white and beige colors but there are other options as well. They even have them for men too! 

I also found that the Sans Soleil long sleeve mesh shirts (available at Plantation Golf Shop) and the Callaway Sun Shirts (available at Deer Creek Golf Shop with hand covering and thumb hole) are also very good. I've enjoyed wearing these more than slathering on sunscreen every morning and, of course, forgetting to re-apply! 

I hope you can stay projected from the sun with some of these ideas!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Junior Golf Battles Update

Our Junior Golf Battles are continuing to grow! Youngsters are coming in to team up and battle it out with various golf skill challenges -- it's very exciting!

Last week we practiced putting (speed and accuracy) with Tic Tac Putt (first team to capture 3 boxes in a row), Twister Putting (points of getting onto the mat or specifically onto a certain color dot) and Ladder Chipping (first team to all hit one through the ladder holes).

These games are fun and also teach a lot of skills including touch, distance control, accuracy and focus.

The more colorful, the more fun! Our group is growing and we look forward to expanding it even more!

Check out the photos below to see all the fun!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 4th Junior Golf Camps

The July 4th Camps were a success!

Kids ages 2-12 participated in fun golf development games and activities for all ages. Juniors were also fit using the U.S. Kids Golf Fit Stick, which is available at Deer Creek Golf Shop and Oakridge Golf Shop. 

U.S. Kids Golf is by far the leading junior golf equipment manufacturer, with nine sets of clubs to accommodate children heights 39-64.5 inches tall. The company also has a trade-in program and promotional extra clubs. 

Most other club companies only offer 2-4 sets for juniors - not enough to cover the 2.5-3 inch yearly growth for a child. U.S. Kids Clubs also offer steel shafts for those with more swing speed in the mid to longer length clubs. 

As a U.S. Kids Golf certified instructor, I'm happy to help guide your junior with information on fitting, U.S. Kids Junior Golf Tours across the country or just how to enjoy golf even more!

Check out these fun photos from the camps:

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dinner with the Pro -- Nicole Weller and Steven Freund

If you're looking for a fun evening try Dinner with the Pro! 

We had such a fun time on June 29 as The Landings Club's Executive Director, Steven Freund, and Chef Octavian joined me and nine members for a casual evening at Deer Creek. 

There was fun conversation, trivia questions, Landings questions and a very nice dinner menu by Chef Octavian complete with an impromptu dessert to cap off the evening. 

There's no charge to a member's account other than what the member orders for food and drink. Dinner with the Pros are held monthly and so far have been hosted by myself and Ty Weller, Tad Sanders, Brian Sams, Mike Morgan, Mike McNutt and Steven Freund. 

The next one, scheduled for July 27, will be hosted by Chris Leake and myself. Then, on August 27, John Phillips and myself. 

We accept up to eight members to create a more personal dining experience in the Deer Creek Men's Card Room. Sign up early! Each month has sold out well in advance!

Contact Nicole Weller at 912-695-5211 or sign up at the Deer Creek Golf Shop. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Loving Golf Instruction!

More and more golfers, both juniors and adults, are joining in on good practice habits!  

Our new Junior Golf Battles are just taking off with a variety of incredibly fun challenges. On June 28, RND beat the Pink Fire Lions in several challenges including Edimples Etiquette Sign Quiz, Putting Face Off, 3 Hoop Challenge, Tug of War and Ace of Clubs chipping challenge. 

Our adults are also enjoying fine-tuning their short game with focus drills such as the 3 Hoop drill, the chipping ladder and the chipping circle. Having fun and focusing during practice makes the time go by quickly and makes the practice more efficient. 

The Landings Club offers junior golf clinics for ages 4-17 on Wednesdays at 2:30 for 30 minutes at various courses. I offer adult practice sessions on Tuesdays-Saturdays at various times and also Junior Golf Battles Thursdays from 3-4pm until August 9. Paul Kruger offers supervised practice sessions on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays. Finally, each club offers two workshops/week to help learn and hone in on skills. 

The learning opportunities are there -- now go have fun!