Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Expectations Influence Behavior

I came across a really interesting article about how expectations influence behavior. Wow. Now relate that to golf. Double wow.  

What do you expect on an upcoming shot? What would you like to expect? Click here to learn more. 

I also had the immense honor of creating a team to speak at the national Proponent Golf Group in Chicago. Kate Tempesta and Brendon Elliott were two of the young junior golf heavyweights I selected to present to nearly 100 of the top teaching professionals in the country on the importance of having a junior golf program for ages 2-6 at their facilities and in their instructional programs. 

Our speech discussed what adults can expect with age development and how that mixes in with golf, the business impact of such programs to a facility, the childhood development aspect of these programs (emotional, cognitive, mental, physical, social) and the importance of getting the youngsters and families out onto the course.  

Click here to read the article I just released to help parents and grandparents understand their youngster and how to let them more effectively learn golf in a fun environment. Our upcoming Thanksgiving and December holiday events are a perfect time to include young children!  

Click here for more information on upcoming golf programs for ages 2-12, 

Lastly, I was able to finally test the Iconic sun sleeves against the gnats and the verdict is.... GNAT PROTECTION! The sun sleeves are a great way to keep the gnats off the arms, don't require putting any chemicals on your skin and can easily be pulled off when not needed. Deer Creek carries the sun/gnat sleeves for your convenience.

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Article on Youth Golf

I'm very excited to be leading a presentation with two other teammates (Brendon Elliott of Little Linksters and Kate Tempesta of Kate Tempesta Urban Golf Academy) at The Proponent Golf Summit in Chicago tomorrow, October 2. 

It will be one of the first presentations of its kind with the topic: Expand Your Business, Grow the Game... the Power of 6 & Under Golf. Our topic targets how golf professionals should, and can, work with the 2-6 year old population to grow the game and catch juniors' interests early. It'll show all the benefits to the game and to your business if you working with this age group. Brendon, Kate and I are known in golf organizations and on key business Facebook groups for our interest with the very young golf population. It will be a fun but fast presentation! 

I've just released a new article that is designed to help professionals and adult mentors work more effectively with youngsters ages 2-6. This is a perfect article to help parents and grandparents understand what to expect with development stages and how to apply it to golf. I hope it assists Landings Club members who have young children! Enjoy!  

Click here to read the full article.