Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Breaking Putts

I was giving a putting lesson the other day and thought of a new way to describe breaking putts. Let's see if this will help you with your putting!

A golfer always putts a ball straight down a certain path. There is a point at which the ball falls off that straight line and curves into the hole (hopefully, if speed and accuracy were both matched). Often times I see players suggest to putt the ball to a point exactly left or right of the hole. Since the putt won't travel to that spot and take a 90 degree turn into the hole left or right, focus back on that line where you think the ball will lose speed and fall towards the hole. THAT becomes your focus point -- get the ball rolling at the proper speed but just to that point before it falls off and towards the hole. It's a small window to get both matched perfectly but when you do, you'll be making more putts that day!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fun & Basic Golf for Ages 70-90

What a fun-filled six weeks of a new golf program designed for people who have never really played golf.  We just finished the first session of Fun & Basic Golf For Ages 70+ and we'll be hosting more with different groups. The beauty of this program is that anyone at any age can learn the game, without clubs and without superior athletic ability, through our new beginner equipment from SNAG Golf

The over-sized equipment has color coded grips, visual training aids, easy targets and is all done at the driving range. 

Keep an eye out for future classes for various age groups and even a session for tennis players who would like to just give golf a one-time try to see what it's like. 

Stay tuned for more information!