Thursday, February 17, 2011

Knocking the Rust Off Your Golf Game After a Cold Winter

Our Golf Instruction Program offers a wide variety of workshops, lesson packages and school at various prices and times.

We are offering a wonderful Member-Guest Golf School experience March 25-26, our annual junior Easter Camp in April, Spring Short Game/Putting and Long Game School, Couples Golf Schools, Get-Started-in-Golf schools and more. Each Club also hosts weekly workshops to help keep your skills in shape.

Also consider an on-course session for a pro to see where your game actually is and then develop a fun program to help you get tuned up and save shots on the course.

If you are interested in working on your putting this year, I've brought back a great learning tool from the PGA Show called a Ball of Steel by Eyeline Golf. It weighs 5 times the normal golf ball and quickly helps a golfer learn to strike the center of the putter face instead of the toe or heel. It's amazing after using it a few times and then going back to your lighter ball how easy it is to accelerate and focus on center contact. Feel free to stop by and try mine or we have them in the Deer Creek Golf Shop now as well. Give it a try today... it's fun and something new!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your Kid Ate a Divot

I'm reading a great new book by a professional I met at an AMF meeting during the PGA Show. He was kind enough to give me a copy of his latest work and it's a great mixture of anecdotes, followed at each chapter's end by a golf philosophy / psychology tip. I high recommend it if you are looking to improve your game with great reminders about a golfer's outlook on playing and learning the game.

The book is called Your Kid Ate a Divot by Jeff Ritter and I've seen it on Amazon or Enjoy! We may use it in one of our new Book Practice Sessions (for more details, please contact me about this fun, new one-hour sessions!).