Monday, June 27, 2011

Swing Technique

Twitter, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, Video Streaming, Mozilla, Ipod, IPad, IPhone... what a lot of digital product we have to flood our minds! Sometimes I think as golfers we can do the same with our swing technique.

Just keep it simple and basic. Go back to those basics of grip, stance, aim, posture and a swing motion that moves away from the target and returns the swing back towards the target with great balance. How we each do this is what makes it unique. Check with a pro to make sure your grip is being held in the fingers (not the palm!) and that you are aiming your club head to the target (not your body). Those are two biggies I see often.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Great Golf Reads

It's always fun to learn new ideas that make golf so much more fun. If you'd like to read about some new golf ideas for YOUR game, visit the Landings Golf Shops for some great reads.

Deer Creek has several wonderful books: Every Shot Must Have a Purpose (Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriott), The Game Before the Game (Nilsson & Marriott) and Drive to the Top (Dr. Rick Jensen) and Easier Said than Done (Dr. Rick Jensen... great book on transferring talents from the range to the course!).

Plantation is carrying Drive to the Top (Jensen) and The Art of the Short Game (Stan Utley). You'll also find some really fun items for juniors, including books at Deer Creek by Susan Greene (Consider It Golf, Count on Golf and The ABC's of Golf) and at all shops, an innovative new June 23rd release called Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf (golf sticker book for ages 4-8+).

Don't forget to help juniors stock their golf equipment with clubs (Oakridge), gloves/hats/shirts/shoes and some especially fun character head covers at Deer Creek. All neat golf items that make golf a great experience!

How to Read Southern Greens Class is a Success

Wow, what a great turn out for our first 'How to Read Southern Greens: Putt and Chip on Grain' class this past Friday. 10 members attended the 1.5 hour class with John Phillips and myself and it was a really fun time for both instructors and students. We even had some putting and chipping challenges that made for some exciting moments.

If you're from the North and have trouble with reading southern greens for slope and speed, please consider this class... it's a perfect session to help you become a better putter! Also, if you have children or grandchildren who are interested in learning golf or developing their games, summer is the perfect time to enroll them in some camps or lessons with our staff.

We have so many fun opportunities for them, plus they can also benefit from the fun games and notes in the new junior golf sticker activity book, Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf (ages 4-8+), available in all golf shops starting June 23rd. Keep it in the fairway and best wishes for 1 putt greens!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Warming Up is Important

I've been hearing about some recent golf injuries from golfers excited to get out and start hitting without warming up. Be careful to warm up your body (your golfing machine, so to speak) before you play or hit balls.

Start with a few minutes of cardio (pending on doctor approval) to get the heart rate up and blood moving into the muscles so you can actually stretch them. Stretching and holding a cold muscle is like taking a rubber band out of the freezer and expecting it to stretch to full capacity on the first pull... a great way to snap the band! 

Warm up the muscles, do some dynamic (movement) stretching instead of static (holding) stretching and then make some swings without a golf ball.  Let that swing just move with some rhythm back and forth. You can start small and increase each swing in length.  Feel free to join a Golf Stretch & Flex class at the Fitness Center and they can show you how to warm up appropriately and stay stretched during the round. 

I would rather see someone warm-up their golf machine / body instead of hitting poor shots or risk injury before a round. Stay stretched for great golf!

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