Thursday, August 18, 2011

How Do You Learn?

It's always a great quest to explore how a person will best learn an idea that can help with a golf skill or game management key. People either learn through visual, auditory or kinesthetic means and while using all 3 systems, are usually very good at one.

Visual people like colors, video, pictures, demonstrations, visual aids... Auditory people learn by listening to words, instruction, tempo and rhythm and counting / word drills... kinesthetic people learn by touch and feel, hands-on drills, movement drills.

For those who are visual learners, using video in lessons to provide feedback can be important. Many golfers can benefit from seeing where body or club parts actually are (most can't believe where the body/club parts actually are, as they feel different). Remember, what we feel in the golf swing usually isn't' real. Golf professionals should use video to point out the key that is desired, not just point out all the mistakes. That can be discouraging and form a negative impression.

Visit with the golf staff today about seeing how the swing or motion looks and then have the golf professional video a few moves in slow motion or in a certain position to show you the before and after. The staff has the ability to use at least 3 different angles (face on, down the line and from behind), as well as a close up of grip. If taping by yourself with a camera or cell phone app, make sure that the camera on the down the line view is between the target line and hands on the middle of the shaft about hand-height and from the face-on view, near hand height. If not, the views and planed can be distorted and off.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth to you?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Golf Wrap-Up

What great golf this summer!

Scott Stallings's win at The Greenbrier, Yani Tseng at the Women's British Open, the upcoming PGA Championship almost right in our backyard in Atlanta... So much amazing golf! With a wave of new faces on the tours, it's been interesting to see who is coming up and who can hold their positions on the leaderboard.

We're seeing a new young side of golf talent on Tour starting to shine - enjoy watching the next few weeks of golf and take time to encourage a youngster to get caught up on the action too. All efforts to continue the game and grow the tradition is applauded!