Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Kudos to former Landings Golf Professional-turned-PGA Tour Professional Kris Blanks for his play this past week at the RBC Canadian Open.

Kris tied for 1st and lost in a playoff but had some great shots during the week. I'm sure he had a few shots that didn't turn out as expected either which leads me to my point that during play, golfers hit all kinds of shots that can still be great for scoring. Great golf doesn't have to have perfect shots.

In my former position, my famous line amongst my students and Girls Golf program was "It's the right shot, it just happened again at the wrong time". Even the best laid plans of mice and men (and golfers!) can go astray. Play golf and get the ball into the hole... it doesn't have to be perfect (hence the title of famed author/sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella's book Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect).

See if you can disassociate the quality of the shot from the result of the shot and notice what happens to your score when you are just trying to get it into the hole without any judgment on how it made it there... looking forward to your results. Have a nice time on the links!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Youth Camp Wrap-Up

What a week of junior campers... it was awesome! We had 4 juniors age 3, 18 juniors age 4-6 and 30+ juniors age 7-17. Thank you to all parents and grandparents and the golfing membership for your support of the program!

The key aspect was having fun with the kids... getting them involved, working on developing skill but not demanding perfection. In the hot weather, working towards perfection can be tough! With the younger juniors we even hit marshmellows instead of balls, used SNAG golf balls that stuck to targets and even used rhymes to help them remember some [putting and swing concepts. Most young golfers tend to be cross-handed when swinging of putting and we intermittently and gently reminded them to just switch hands every few shots or so.

We find that reminding them every shot gets frustrating and believe or not, even though it's unconventional, the juniors find a way to make it work, have a good time and they foster an interest in the game. have fun working with your children and grandchildren and they'll amaze you with some unconventional moves that get the ball towards and even in the hole. They'll have time as they get older to work on more detail that they can handle with their attention, for the average youngster... let the FUN begin!

For tips on working with a junior golfer or proper clubs to make the experience more fun, chat with a Landings Golf Professional, use Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf as a guideline and visit the staff at Oakridge for club fitting ideas. We are here to help!