Friday, September 13, 2013

Get to Know Your Pro... Paul Kruger, PGA Assistant Professional at Plantation

Get to Know Your Pro…

This series of articles will allow you to gain an insight into the Landings Golf Professional Staff’s teaching styles, training preferences and tips.

PAUL KRUGER,  PGA Assistant Professional at Plantation

What is your favorite part of the game to practice?

My favorite part of the game to practice is mental focus, especially as it relates to putting and chipping. Improved focus increases one’s commitment to the desired stroke at hand and leads to improved distance control, which is the key to the short game.

What is the part of your game that needs the most attention?

The part of my game that needs the most practice is bunker play, and for two reasons. First, bunker practice is not as high a priority because I do not expect to be in bunkers in the first place. Second, the variations in sand moisture, type of sand, and depth of sand demand extra practice time to master.

What is the one way a student can practice better?

The way any student can practice better is to always practice to a specific target utilizing an alignment rod or golf club to ensure that the student is properly aligned to the target. If one practices shots to a target without being aligned correctly, the student may start making undesirable swing changes when no such changes are necessary.  

List your top 3 teaching specialties or favorite skills to teach:

My top three favorite teaching areas are putting, chipping and pitching, i.e., the short game. Putting alone accounts for about 43% of one’s score for 18 holes; throwing in chipping and pitching takes increases that percentage to over half your shots!

What are your preferred training tools or technology?

My preferred training tools are my patent-pending putting cubicle for increasing mental focus and a metronome for consistent tempo.

What percentage are you teaching a new concept to a student and what percentage are you coaching that student? 

30% teaching a new concept; 70% coaching a student.

What are your goals as a teacher and coach?

My goal is simply to help my students reach their goals, primarily by having more fun on the golf course by playing better.

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