Friday, August 30, 2013

Get to Know Your Pro… Jim Sykes, PGA Assistant Professional at Deer Creek

Get to Know Your Pro…

This series of articles will allow you to gain an insight into the Landings Golf Professional Staff’s teaching styles, training preferences and tips.

JIM SYKES,  PGA Assistant Professional at Deer Creek

What is your favorite part of the game to practice:
My favorite area to practice is my mid-short irons (if you can make it from the fairway, you can help your putting stats).

What is the part of your game that needs the most attention:
The area of my game that needs the most practice is driving. While I may be able to hit it far, I'd like to gain more control.

What is the one way a student can practice better?
One way a student can practice better is by making it challenging and purposeful rather than going to the range and just hitting balls. Having to hit a variety of shots with the same club to different targets and different yardages can be very beneficial. It's not often that you get to hit a "stock" shot on the golf course.

List your top 3 teaching specialties or favorite skills to teach:
1. Short Game (Chipping, Pitching, Bunkers)
2. Long Game (Drivers)
3. Irons

What are your preferred training tools or technology?
I try and keep my training aids simple and easily accessible to everyone. I love using tees and an alignment stick.

What percentage are you teaching a new concept to a student and what percentage are you coaching that student? 
I like to teach 50% of the time and coach 50% of the time. A lot of people are able to understand the concept of the swing, so they just need positive reinforcement to gain confidence.

What are your goals as a teacher and coach?
My goals for teaching/coaching are to make it fun. Whether I'm teaching a young beginner golfer or an advanced golfer, I want them to be able to enjoy the game. Most importantly I want to help grow the game and make it accessible to everyone that wants to give it a try.

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