Friday, August 16, 2013

Get to Know Your Pro... Mike McNutt, PGA Head Professional at Marshwood

Get to Know Your Pro…

This series of articles will allow you to gain an insight into the Landings Golf Professional Staff’s teaching styles, training preferences and tips.

MIKE McNUTT,  PGA Head Professional at Marshwood

What is your favorite part of the game to practice:
I like practicing pitching the most.

What is the part of your game that needs the most attention:
Most of my attention goes to my full swing irons.

What is the one way a student can practice better?
Practice in shorter time frames but more often, like three 20-minute sessions instead of one or two hour sessions. Smaller bits of repeated information is better for learning and skill acquisition.

List your top 3 teaching specialties or favorite skills to teach:
My 3 favorite areas to teach are pitching, putting and driving, in that order. The fastest way to improve your score is by working on short game and putting. One can hit the ball well or not-so-well, but in play… either way, less putts equals a lower score!

What are your preferred training tools or technology?
I like working with Ipad video feedback and a yellow noodle to help guide swing path.

What percentage are you teaching a new concept to a student and what percentage are you coaching that student? 
I teach 70% when introducing a new concept. On-course lessons are really fun because it’s easier to be more of a coach. Even the best players in the world have a coach. Some have both a teacher and also a practice coach!

What are your goals as a teacher and coach?

Easy, I want a player to hit more good shots than bad shots!

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